Registration of adults for the autumn semester of English and German language courses

Registration of adults for the autumn semester of English and German language courses


The study was conducted by TNS for the National Reform Council. The survey was conducted using the online survey method from 11/27/2015 to 12/02/2015. The geography of the study – all of Ukraine (except the ARC), urban population, men and women buy a comparison and contrast essay cheap aged 18-55 years. Sample of 1000 respondents, quota by sex, age, region and size of the settlement. The level of foreign language proficiency was assessed on a scale from 1 (I speak at the elementary level) to 10 (I speak to perfection). The level of ownership was divided by the GoGlobal initiative according to the following criteria: below average: 1 to 5, average: 5-7, above average 7-10.

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Get acquainted with modern methods of teaching English Speak Up courses

English language courses “Speak Up” in Kiev

Many of us have learned English, but have never learned it to the point where we can communicate fluently with native English speakers or make full use of English at work. At the same time, not many people know that the lion’s share of difficulties in learning English arises precisely because of the shortcomings of the traditional classroom system, which does not take into account the individual needs of students in learning the language. But many English language courses in Kiev offer training according to such a standard system. Speak Up English language courses combine training with qualified teachers (local teachers and native speakers with CELTA or TEFL certificates) and modern English learning technologies. At the same time, the school monitors the progress in the training of each student from the first lesson until the next “level test”. Through constant monitoring, the student understands what he needs to work on, and has the opportunity, if necessary, to adjust their curriculum. The English language school Speak Up has created a model of teaching that allows each student to form their own schedule and curriculum. In order to get acquainted with the English Speak Up school and teaching methods, you can sign up for a free trial lesson in one of the 10 branches of the school in Kiev. English Speak Up schools in Kiev

Kiev, st.m. Goloseevskaya, st. Vasilkovskaya, 14; Kiev, st.m. Zhytomyrskaya, Victory Avenue, 136; Kiev, st.m. Levoberezhnaya, st. Lunacharskogo, 4; Kiev, st.m. Minsk, Obolonsky Ave., 1-B; Kiev, st.m. Pecherskaya, blvd. Lesya Ukrainka, 26; Kiev, st.m. Poznyaki, st. Mishugi, 8; Kiev, st.m. Kontraktovaya Square, st. Spasskaya, 5; Kiev, st. Mayakovsky, 68; Kiev, Solomenskaya Square, st. Uritskogo, 45; Kiev, st.m. University, st. Mikhail Kotsyubinsky, 14.

Apply for a free trial lesson >>>

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The Port of Europe portal has launched a free e-course in German for Ukrainians

Free e-course in German

The Port of Europe portal has launched a free e-course in German for Ukrainians. The author of the course Inna Pavlova is a Ukrainian from Kyiv who now lives in Krakow.German is spoken by about 7.5 million people in Germany and another 20 million people worldwide consider it their mother tongue. German-speaking countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland are among the wealthiest and most developed countries in Europe and even the world.Why learn German? – Nowadays, German is the language of possibilities. Everyone who speaks English should also try to master German, especially if he seeks to achieve great results in his career, as the German language opens an ocean of opportunities – explains Inna Pavlova, author of the course.You can enroll in the course by filling out the form on the website, available at this link.German is the second language after international communication in Central Europe, from the Baltic to the Adriatic. In many countries and regions (in particular, Hungary, the Balkans, Western Poland, parts of Slovakia and the Czech Republic) you can find people who do not know or do not know English well, but speak German well, because it is the language of a close and wealthy neighbor. For Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Slovenes, Croats, Bosnians and Serbs, Vienna is the magnet that attracts – in terms of work, education, business, opportunities and career. And German is necessary in this context – even more so than English.The course is free and consists of various lessons that are automatically sent to the listener’s email address every few days. The course focuses mainly on explaining the grammatical features of the German language, in addition, everyone should by this time learn German vocabulary on their own – tips on how to do it are posted on the website.


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The city authorities organized free English English courses

Free English courses will start in Kiev

The city authorities have organized free Capital English courses for all interested Kyivites. This was announced by the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko: “English as a language of international communication eliminates barriers between people and opens up great opportunities. Today, English is the language of education, business and international communication. And we want to give Kyivites the opportunity to learn English, so we initiated free English language courses Capital English “, – said Vitali Klitschko. He noted that classes will be held in each district of Kiev in the district administrations 2-3 times a week. The project partners are the Embassy USA in Ukraine, British Council in Ukraine, English language school Speak Up and Cambridge Assessment. The first semester will begin on September 14 and last 2 months. The courses of the first semester are designed for people who have already turned 18 and who have an initial level of English (A-1 and A-2 levels according to the generally accepted European system). Registration for participation in the courses is through the website until September 9. Additional information and class schedules will also be available here. Candidates will be required to take an English proficiency test to form groups.

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Registration of adults for the autumn semester of English and German language courses

English and German courses in Kiev

The educational center with 20 years of experience invites everyone to learn English and / or German in Kiev. We work for the result!

In one semester (4-5 months) you will advance a whole level in English or German.

A comprehensive approach to training in the courses of the Educational Center “BASICS” will allow you to:

replenish your vocabulary, improve your grammar, hone your listening and spoken English or German skills.

Courses are held in Kiev at:

Kiev, st. Nikolay Ushakov 8-a; Kiev, st. Semashko 13; Kiev, st. Vyshgorodskaya 12; Kiev, st. Marshal Tymoshenko 2-l; Kiev, blvd. Koltsova 15-v; Kiev, st. Polar, 13th; Kyiv, Pravdy Ave., 12th c.

Detailed information can be obtained on the website: Or by phone: (044) 383-78-97; (066) 815-26-04; (097) 413-19-91. Sign up for testing. Start changing your life today!


A competition has been announced for participation in the Summer School of Slavic Studies in the Czech Republic

Scholarships for the study of the Czech language in the Czech Republic

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education of the Czech Republic has awarded 4 scholarships (on the principle of reciprocity) for Ukrainian students and teachers of higher education institutions to study the Czech language as part of the Summer School of Slavic Studies in the Czech Republic. for all levels of language proficiency (from beginner level and above). When selecting candidates, preference will be given to applicants who are already studying the Czech language. To participate in the scholarship competition, you must submit an application form from the relevant university, a resume (preferably in Europass format), a short motivational essay of up to 1000 words and, if available, confirmation of the level of knowledge of the Czech language. These documents should be sent to the e-mail address, indicating in the subject of the letter “Summer School of Slavic Studies”. Total number of scholarships – 4. Deadline for applications – March 2, 2015. on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine at the link.

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Free Android application for those Ukrainians who study Polish and Poles who study Ukrainian

Learn Polish for free on Andriod

Ukrainian Maxim Dybarsky from Slobozhanshchina created a free Android application for Ukrainians learning Polish and Poles learning Ukrainian. The application was created as a supplement to a free online Polish language course for Ukrainians, which launched the Polish-Ukrainian portal “Port of Europe”. to help memorize foreign words. It is a set of cards, each of which contains a word or phrase in Ukrainian and Polish. The application is suitable for Ukrainians learning Polish, as well as for Poles who are learning Ukrainian and want to increase their vocabulary.

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